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2 min readMar 17, 2022


Games have always provided something special for gamers alike, and they have always been a place of comfort, excitement and for enjoying your time. But the industry has progressed rapidly from regular console games to blockchain gaming and new ecosystems such as the metaverse.

Scholarship by eshark token

eShark Gaming

A team of pioneers worked hand in hand to develop a gaming platform that boasts many features such as online tournaments and NFT marketplace. This platform uses the most advanced blockchain technology, and the eShark gaming ecosystem offers players several opportunities to earn rewards that can be exchanged into real income.

eShark Scholarship Program

Over these last few years, the possibility for gamers to make a living through play-to-earn gaming platforms has grown tenfold. Now, thanks to blockchain technology, any player has the opportunity to earn real income by playing games. eShark is currently offering players a completely hassle-free scholarship program; all a player has to do is to apply to the program and the rest is on the team.

Many players who seek to join P2E blockchain games fear the idea of joining for two reasons. One is the cost being too high and the second is because of the limited knowledge they have towards the gaming ecosystem. Other players who can afford those in-game assets such as characters and lands but don’t have the time to play can rent out those assets in exchange for a portion of the income and rewards in the game.

The eShark scholarship program is where the team funds players with assets/NFT characters for those who are unable to afford the P2E game for a chance to earn income. After players receive their NFT assets, they will need to agree to the reward distribution or incentive system, which does not harm players or their money in any way.

In other words, players/scholars will be funded by investors through the eShark token by receiving the needed assets to play the game. Scholars will get to play and earn through the game without worrying about the initial investment. Hence, investors will get to earn by taking a proportion of the rewards that the scholars have won during the game.

eShark Updates

eShark continues to grow with each passing day, the company has recently partnered with Komoverse and Stream Gaming. eShark is currently offering Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and PUBG mobile tournaments.


The eShark ecosystem is one good way for a player to earn income. The best thing is that players that cannot afford the game can apply for free. With all the P2E ecosystems out there, not many offer their players an opportunity to make free money. The eShark scholarship program might be just for you. Let the games begin!

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