After successfully sponsoring the 2022 Lampung Esports Governor’s Cup, eShark Token will continue its support of Esport by hosting a large tournament with a generous prize pool.

eShark Token with their tagline crypto for gamers which is a token of the future that was dedicated to gamers and traders alike.

Tournament Illustration

By holding this tournament, it again demonstrates the establishment of eShark Token as a token dedicated to supporting all activities in the gaming world, such as with their plan on a roadmap which is to integrate with gaming platforms.

The tournament, entitled ‘eShark Token Gaming Tournament’, and again featuring familiar games such as, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, PUBGM and also Chess, with a total prize pool of 40 Million Rupiah plus 700K ESHK for the winners.

Sponsored by New Hikaru, eShark Token Tournament will be held online from 9 to 10 April 2022. The requirement for joining the tournament is only by having a wallet in Trust Wallet or Metamask. The tournament is free, with no charge for the registration, and for the registration itself, it can be accessed through the Streamgaming website.

For more information about eShark Token,
you can visit the official website at, and for information about the eShark Token Gaming Tournament, you can join the community by joining their telegram group at
eShark Token can also be obtained through WhiteBit, CoinsBit, P2PB2B and also PancakeSwap.



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