eShark Token
2 min readFeb 24, 2022


eShark Token has once again succeeded in making great achievements, the token has passed the audit from CertiK, a renowned auditor at global level. CertiK itself is a pioneer in blockchain security, utilizing the best-in-class AI technology to secure and monitor blockchain protocols and smart-contract, to audit the token so the public can trust it.

The smart-contract audited by Certik has a very crucial function in a decentralized exchange. The reason is that smart-contracts are the keys that are connected to the blockchain, and run projects on the platform, such as staking, farming, NFT, and others.

As a token being developed seriously, eShark has to go through the stages of CertiK audit, which is not simple. With the result achieved, this proves that the capabilities of eShark Token team are unquestionable in the creation of smart-contracts and are highly competitive with global teams.

This audit process is carried out as a form of initial mitigation, so that transactions made on eShark Token are more secure, because CertiK has the SkyNet features, which is an engine capable of monitoring smart contracts and a project, at any time.

On the other hand, if a smart-contract of a blockchain project is not audited, there will be vulnerabilities, malfunctions, bugs, and loopholes that can be exploited by irresponsible people to hack or take assets in the smart-contract. So with eShark token’s audit completed, this shows the seriousness of eShark in their project development.

If you are wondering where you can find eShark Token, $ESHK can be purchased through many exchanges such as PancakeSwap, and also available in WhiteBit, Coinsbit and P2PB2B.

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