eShark Token unfrozen tokens every 26th in the month

March 2022, again eShark Token provides interesting news for its community. This month marks the sixth time they have unfrozen their token, followed by their plan for the second burn in Q2 2022.

For some people who aren’t familiar with crypto might not know what the term frozen in cryptocurrency means. By freezing the tokens, showing the commitment of the developers with their token in the long-term.

When you freeze a coin or a token, it helps the market price stable and prevents developers from abruptly pulling out their tokens and causing a crash. Frozen tokens also help stability by allowing developers to maintain control over prices.

eShark Token unfrozen tokens every 26th in the month, with 10% of the total eShark Token will be the unfrozen tokens that can be used for transaction activities.

March 2022 is the sixth month they have unfrozen their tokens, with a total of 12.680.687.786.

Not only unfrozen or frozen, eShark Token also burns its token to maintain price stability, and the seriousness of the development team to stabilize the price of their tokens is also evident. Token burn is a strategy in the cryptocurrency world where a certain amount of tokens is sent to an unusable crypto wallet, which will make the tokens lost forever. With this strategy, the price of the remaining tokens will increase due to scarcity.

The total of eShark Token that have been burned are 7 Billion, and the total supply currently circulating is 12.774.601.536.
As per their road map, eShark will start their second burn in Q2 2022 until it is finished, or sometime in June 2022.

For more information about eShark and their road map, you can visit their official website at: And you can also join their official Telegram group to discuss directly with the community at: ESHK can also be obtained through WhiteBit, Coinsbit, P2PB2B, and also on PancakeSwap.




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eShark Token

eShark Token

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