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eShark Token
4 min readNov 18, 2021

Human Civilization is developing rapidly in all aspects as humans are creatures who can use their minds better than other creatures on earth. The development of customs, culture, ideology, and technology is a human innovation to facilitate all our activities.

Since the 20th century, innovation and the human mind have become more enlightened and well developed because of the internet that helps us get information easier. This allows us to know what is happening abroad, what songs are viral, and create a community without having to meet face to face.

In ancient times far before now, people used the barter system in making transactions, where you had to exchange goods of the same value to make transactions. Today we use paper money instead of barter. Paper money can also be stored by third parties such as bank, where we will also pay the bank for their services in securing our money.

Today, with the internet’s sophistication, we can access our money with our phone where we can pay anything without bringing the physical money. The simplicity is a proof of how the internet has successfully provided us with easy access to do transactions. Based on this idea, the concept of crypto was made as an ‘upgrade/improvement’ to easily and safely do transactions because it is developed inside the blockchain technology. The crypto currency is a digital money which is not issued by the government but can be used as a currency to do transactions and also as an asset to trade.

The crypto currency itself was pioneered by Bitcoin which is now the most popular crypto currency. With Bitcoin’s success in asserting its existence as a currency, many developers and even companies have made their own coins and tokens with their respective functions and uses.

eShark Token (ESHK) is one of the tokens made from Indonesia for the world to solve the gaming transactions problem, such as frauds in purchasing in-game items, vouchers, making tournaments and participating in those tournaments.

eShark Token uses the BEP-20 token standard in the Binance blockchain system. it means eShark Token can provide easy access and guaranteed security for their customers like other tokens using the Binance Smart Chain. With this information in mind, many investors have secured ESHK as their digital asset when eShark Token started their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) period from July to September.

During the ICO, 20% of the total ESHK (20 Billion ESHK) is allocated fro the sale before the listing day which will be in the fourth quarter of 2021. In the first stage of the ICO, more than 4.8 Billion ESHK has been sold, then more than 4.5 Billion ESHK in the second stage, and more than 4.5 Billion ESHK in the third stage. In the fourth stage, towards the end of the ICO period, eShark Token managed to sell more than 2.9 Billion ESHK! The end of the ICO period also ended the Airdrop & Bounty event held by eShark to enliven the ESHK ICO Period.

The Presale period has also been closed with a Final Cal which gathers and sells the unsold ESHK during the ICO period, the final call was held due to the explosive demand from the community from 12 october to 14 october. The total of ESHK sold in ICO in 19.6 Billion ESHK! It is around 98.5% of the 20 Billion ESHK which was prepared for crowd sale!

After listing, eShark Token will continue developing its objectives for 2022, such as integrating with Game Platforms, Sharkie Swap, Stacking and also collaborating with platforms that hold eSport Tournaments to use ESHK as a transaction tools.

To join official eShark Community you can go to directly to the link, you can get information and news related to eShark Token and Cryptocurrencies in the eShark Token Telegram Community and discuss with other members about anything related to eShark Token.