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Esport is increasingly popular in the world, and Indonesia is no exception. This makes Esport a field with great potential, according to Statistica, nearly 1.48 billion of total gamers across Asia, making it the largest market for video games on a worldwide scale. The development of Esport in Indonesia is also one of the fastest in the world, with multiplayer game users also quite large. According to data from VERO, the number of Esports players in Indonesia reached 52 million people in 2021. Even Indonesia has sent many teams to the international stage, with some of them winning first place and taking lots of prizes.

Along with the significant growth of Esport in Indonesia, the Government sees this as an opportunity that deserves to be seriously developed. Starting with the official recognition of Esport in 2018, Esport began to compete in major sports activities such as, the Governor’s Cup, Menpora Cup, the President’s Cup, PON, and even to the SEA Games.

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This week, ESI (Esport Indonesia) Lampung held the Governor’s Cup of Esport Lampung 2022 which was held from March 14 to March 19, 2022, featuring familiar games such as Mobile Legends, PUBGM, Free Fire, and also PES Football 2021 with total prize of millions rupiah.

The Lampung Esport Governor’s Cup this time is supported by eShark Token, which is a token of the future that was dedicated to gamers and traders alike, with their tagline crypto for gamers. In addition to that, eShark also supports the gaming and Esport community in Indonesia.

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With eShark Token in the ranks of supporters at the 2022 Lampung Esport Governor’s Cup event, this demonstrates eShark Token position as a token that is supportive of all activities in the gaming world. Integration with gaming platforms is also one of eShark Token’s plans in its roadmap.

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